State Freebie

Tranquil has shipped to more than 30 states in America since founded plus different countries and to the U.S. Army. We have something in store for you if we haven't shipped to yours yet.

- States filled in have been shipped to - (picture not updated so check below)

If you purchase from a new state, you will receive a free gift from Tranquil. Below is a list of the states that have been shipped to. If your state is not on the list and you place an order, a free item will be sent along with it. 




















-New Jersey

-New Mexico

-New York

-North Carolina



-South Carolina






This will also apply to new countries. Countries that have been shipped to include:



If you don't see your state, be the first to purchase before someone else gets that free item.

Last updated: January 1, 2022

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