It’s All In The Packaging (literally)

Are you curious to know how your order is packaged? We assure you that both quality and quantity are considered in the process of packing your order. It’s all about balance, and lots of energy is put in to ensure that aspect here at Tranquil. From custom designs to the physical product, read below to understand how your order is assembled, and created with love. 
All packaging reflects our brand colors, gray and blue. Our logo is printed onto the inside of our grey mailer boxes and tissue paper. The tissue paper is closed off with a sticker that quotes “Something Tranquil Inside”. The box is then closed with custom Tranquil packing tape, then shipped to you. The picture above presents the box that all bracelets and anklets are packed in. This hexagon box has our logo metal printed on top and includes a silk lining to keep your jewelry from being damaged in any way.
The square slide out box features a velvet inside, with placement slots for all necklaces. Our logo is metal printed on top of this box as well and includes light blue ribbon handles. When any necklace is ordered, it will arrive in this box.
For orders with smaller purchase amounts, bubble wrap will be added underneath the product to prevent the items inside from shifting around. It features a light blue shade with heart shaped bubbles.
Every order will come with custom thank you and business cards. As shown in the photo, all orders also come with a holographic inspirational quote sticker. The stickers are made in multiple different designs and chose at random, the image shows only one. Custom designs by @ohkay.designs on instagram. Other items were designed by the CEO.
Thank you for taking the time to appreciate our packing process, now you know what to expect when placing an order with Tranquil. As always, made with love. <3